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1l Pyrex bowl Vanilla Cake Recipe

I hate not knowing what size recipe to use for Pyrex bowls! It is a game of guessing for me lol
When I baked the bra cake I used this recipe which gave me the perfect size cake and it was raised almost to the top of the bowl.

1L Pyrex bowl Vanilla cake recipe
Mine was gluten free but follow the same recipe for normal cake

180g sugar
180g self raising flour(I used self raising gluten free)
180g margarine
4tbsp milk
1/2tsp baking powder(gluten free)
1 tsp vanilla extract

Butter and flour dust your bowl. Alternatively spray with cake release

Preheat oven to 160 C. Mine is fan assisted
Mix margarine with the sugar and vanilla by hand using a fork.
Add milk and eggs. Mix again with the fork very lightly.
Sift the flour which is mixed with the baking powder into the egg mix.
Incorporate everything with the hand held mixer without turning it on so flour doesn’t fly everywhere and mix it with the hand held mixer until well combined. Do not over mix.
Put in the preheated oven.
I also put a tray with cold water at the bottom to prevent domes and then put the cake to bake.
Set for 40min and then check. Check every 10min after the first 40min until skewer comes out clean.
Let cool and turn the cake on a wire rack.