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Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday to my half

This week my husband had a birthday. He was abroad working so I was left with the kids for a whole week! I also had to decide what to bake him for his birthday. He was so easy going and agreed to all my ideas lol which didn’t help me as now I had the hard task of deciding. Simpsons, family guy, futurisma! Too many options! I just couldn’t decide so I was left with just a day to bake something quickly. It was too late for models so it had to be something I could just cover. He was flying back on Friday so I started baking. His cake was ready by the time he got home…just! Lol
Now I hate doing cakes last minute but this one I am quite happy with.
He loved it as well :)
Happy Birthday hubby :)
Now to post a few photos:






And today is Mother’s Day. I have made a bouquet using a flower pot which is now ready to be collected :)

Happy Mother’s Day and wish all the mums out there to have a fabulous day :)